A/D Nowadays, children rely too much on the technology, likecomputers, smartphone, video games,for fun andentertainment;Playing simpler toys or playing outside with friendswould be better for the children's development.




In this digital age, technology has become something the millennials cannotlive without. While digital devices like computers and smartphones have become the new pacifier, I still believe simpler toys and playdates are betterways for children to relax and unwind.


The first downside of tech-based entertainment is its adverse impact onchildren’s physical wellbeing. First, children are missing out on exercise when they rely solely on technology for relaxation. While gymnastics class or soccer team helps children stretch and keep fit, technology activities turn children into couch potatoes. According to various studies, kids are prone toward obesity because of physical inactivity. Besides, spending too much time staring at bright screens from laptops,smartphones and tablets can cause headaches, eye strain and dry eye.


Another problem is that the content on technology devices can be rather inappropriate for young children. It’s no secret that video games have allsorts of violent images involved. Exposure to such content can put children’semotional health at risk. Some children even imagine themselves as killing machine and cannot tell virtual world apart from reality. If parents fail to offer proper guidance, children can easily fall victim to addiction or even worse. However, things were simpler when children used to relax by playing with scrabble, working on Lego projects, or inviting friends for a sleepover. So to shield children from potential harm, parents can keep them busy with art, writing, playdates rather than handing them a tablet or phone.

Last, technology is not necessarily incompatible with traditional recreationalactivities. By “traditional”, I’m not suggesting parents confiscate all computer and mobile devices. When children are encouraged toengage in  outdoor activities with peers, technology can be leveraged more as a facilitator than a distractor. Kids can watch the fundamentals of basketballon Youtube before signing up for a club and shooting hoops. Similarly, Wiioffers active video game participation in sports such as bowling, soccer anddance. Outdoor activities are no exception. Kids might well enjoy bikingdown the block with his favorite tunes playing on iPod. Or maybe hispassion is running and Google Maps can offer him treadmill routes throughexotic locations. We can discover ways to match the best of both worlds.

To sum up, children should be encouraged to take a break from the media devices at their fingertips and head out for some real fun. (Bao Lei, 410w)

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